“The Culmination” now available at Melodic Revolution Records (Digital Album)

Hey everyone, just got word from Nick at Melodic Revolution Records that our new album “The Culmination” is now for sale. Here’s the link: http://melodicrevolutiondistribution.com/album/the-culmination  The physical copy will soon be available too at Melodic Revolution Records.  Go and listen and get a copy.

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Last.fm page

Hey everyone just wanted to post that we now have a Last.fm page (well I claimed our page which was already created). Added songs from all of our albums, still need to finish it. 
Here’s the link: http://www.last.fm/music/Subject+To+Thoughts  Check us out if you can.


Happy New Year

From behalf of me & Brandon, I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.


“The Culmination” now on ProgRockRadio.com playlist

Mark again, I was just searching when I found that our latest album “The Culmination” is on the ProgRockRadio.com playlist.  If you wish, go listen to their station and request one of our songs.  Their links are www.progrockradio.com or http://www.live365.com/stations/aroolaart  Enjoy.

PerfectProg review of The Culmination!

Hi — Brandon here! We’ve got a new interview here between PerfectProg.com and Mark. It seems like I never get to do interviews! Why! Oh well, I hope you enjoy this one. Thanks for this interview for PerfectProg.Com —-Mark Baston (interviewer) Posted on October 18, 2010

When did Subject To Thoughts come to be?

Well, it’s funny how this project came alive. Back in 1999, when I got my first keyboard, it really started out as a joke. I thought, I’ll write a couple of songs and that’ll be the end of that, but then things started to take a turn. I first started calling the project Symphony of Thoughts, but I decided to change it to Subject to Thoughts. The first songs I wrote were utter crap, but I was starting to develop a style. It was not until I did “The Thought Process” cassette demo (back in 2003) when I realized that this was starting to get more serious. Eventually, it has. (more…)

“The Culmination” on $5 Sale at CDBaby

In order for more people to maybe check out our music, I have decided to place our recent disc “The Culmination” on the $5 sale page at CDBaby. To find us, go to the $5 Sale link then on Genres, select Progressive Rock & in Sub Genres, select Ambient. We’re there.

On a side note, I have also placed my solo project: Transcend with Time “A Haunting Presence” album on Sale as well. It can also be located on the Sub Genre: Ambient as well, but Genre: New Age. But this disc is if you’re into New Age/Ambient, etc. But if interested, please check it out as well.


3rd review off “The Culmination”

Mark here. Here is the 3rd review off “The Culmination.”  It’s an okay review, but hey, of course not everyone is going to really enjoy it.  That’s the music biz for you.  Anyway, here’s the link: http://www.manticornio.com/rock-progresivo/S/SUBJECT-TO-THOUGHTS/culmination-the.php  Since the original review is in Spanish, I used Google translator to translate then I fixed it because it was still choppy.  Anyway, enjoy.

I present the #4th official studio album from Subject to Thoughts, a U.S. project conformed to this realization by Mark Mendieta (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) plus the help of Brandon Strader (vocals, guitar solos). The music of this project “is an eclectic mix of progressive rock with the darkness of doom more than an addition of New Age” (1), whose combination resulting sound is more than adequate “for all those seeking music for documentaries, television, etc.. “(2). On “The Culmination” Mark himself explains: “This album concludes my four-part conceptual vision. “The Culmination” is about finding closure in life. The music is genuine, melodic, progressive and thoughtful, but more importantly, from the heart. “(3).

Put another way, this album has, from its rock-musical qualities and environmental atmosphere, decorated with the harshness of an electric guitar rock experimental feature. Another sound that stands out at times is low, aggressive and dissonant attractive. From the sound RIO / Experimental, it is easy to remember projects like Augustine CRIOLLO (Astrid Proll, ICONOCLAST), although there are references to bands like Raven Nyx and SAD, which by itself suggests a primarily Latino taste sounds Subject to Thoughts proposed. The least enjoyable of the songs, although is the inadequacy of the vocal timbre of Strader to talk to Mendieta’s music. Although it is tolerated because the lyrics have something serious to say, and there are times where the agony voice is well represented, fitting in fitness in the musical concepts .

But the best part is that you form your own opinion. To do this, CDBaby allows you to hear excerpts from the songs of this album (follow the link at the top of the cover image), and with this and have more tools to decide to purchase the disc. Happy listening …

Alfredo Tapia-Carreto  7 out of 10

StT added to OrdiRadio

Mark here. With great pleasure I just got confirmation that “The Culmination” has been added to OrdiRadio.com’s playlist.  So hopefully, you’ll get to hear a couple of our tracks at their site. Pretty awesome news. Check them out at www.ordiradio.com

Here’s a quote of their’s in regards to our music: 

I am very happy to listen to your excellent music, and it is now a part of the daily playing list at www.ordiradio.com. Keep on exploiting your talent, it is worthy of great honor! Something tells me you are bound for great success, and soon many people will talk of you with the same enthusiasm. [Two drum sticks up!]

2nd review off “The Culmination”

Mark again. I just wanted to post that the 2nd review off “The Culmination” is out.  The review can be found at PerfectProg.  Here’s the link:  http://www.perfectprog.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3204&Itemid=1  The review is a good one. It’s seems people are enjoying the album. Which is a good thing.  Anyway, here’s the review.  Thanks to Mark Baston.

Subject to Thoughts are a relatively unknown Prog band from the US that have been around for a few years now, I think this band deserves more attention with the album The Culmination. The members are Mark Mendieta, Keys, Bass, Drums, Guitar and Brandon Strader on lead guitar and Vocals. The sound is Ambient Progressive with Doomy elements and the keyboards really add a foreboding and somewhat eerie feeling. Some great tracks include “Since The Inception” “One Day” and the title track “The Culmination” and as with most StT Cds they are 70 minutes plus. The vocals by Brandon sometimes appear strained, but I honestly believe that this adds to the whole atmosphere and  meloncholy feel the band is trying to achieve on this release…

 Brandon Strader does a wonderful job on the solo’s, they really fit perfectly into each song and it’s never a solo for solo sake!! I like the way the album flows from one song into another as well.  They certainly have a sound all of their own!! They are not on a label as of yet, but The Culmination can be purchased from Cd Baby and the Subject To Thoughts Myspace. All in all, another great addition to the already impressive list of albums that have been released in 2010.

Buy the album at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/SubjecttoThoughts, http://www.subjecttothoughts.com/

StT now on PureIndieRock.com

Hey everyone, Mark here.  Just wanted to post that 2 songs off “The Culmination” are now being featured at PureIndieRock.com.  The songs are “Since the Inception” & “Deepest Regret.”  Be sure to check us out and all the other artists at www.pureindierock.com

We are also part of the independent roster at PIR. 

Thanks to David for believing in us.