Archives: February2010

  • Songs for Haiti Compilation

    Mark here, just wanted to post that Songs for Haiti (a 2 album compilation) from Melodic Revolution Records was just released at Mindawn (either entire album or mp3′s). Our song “Love Forever” is on the 2nd album. That is a great honor for us to be included. It’s for a great cause. Here’s the link.

  • Upcoming album

    Hello everyone, this is Mark. First of all, I would like to thank Brandon for redoing the site, we definitely needed a change. This definitely coincides with the release of our upcoming album “The Culmination.” Personally, I have been through a lot since the release of our recent album “From Sunrise to Sunset.” So this album, for me personally, allows me to cope.  Hopefully, before the end of this month it should be released. I’ll be posting more information about [...]

  • Another new site design

    Hello! Brandon here. I got tired of the look of the old site, and I don’t really have a lot of time to put into website design, which was a bit obvious from the look of the old one. This new one is made with WordPress with a little bit of editing done to it; most of this is automated. I even made an account for Mark. He should be able to log in here and post news. I’ll leave [...]