Archives: August2010

  • “The Culmination” on $5 Sale at CDBaby

    In order for more people to maybe check out our music, I have decided to place our recent disc “The Culmination” on the $5 sale page at CDBaby. To find us, go to the $5 Sale link then on Genres, select Progressive Rock & in Sub Genres, select Ambient. We’re there. On a side note, I have also placed my solo project: Transcend with Time “A Haunting Presence” album on Sale as well. It can also be located on the Sub Genre: [...]

  • 3rd review off “The Culmination”

    Mark here. Here is the 3rd review off “The Culmination.”  It’s an okay review, but hey, of course not everyone is going to really enjoy it.  That’s the music biz for you.  Anyway, here’s the link:  Since the original review is in Spanish, I used Google translator to translate then I fixed it because it was still choppy.  Anyway, enjoy. I present the #4th official studio album from Subject to Thoughts, a U.S. project conformed to this realization by [...]

  • StT added to OrdiRadio

    Mark here. With great pleasure I just got confirmation that “The Culmination” has been added to’s playlist.  So hopefully, you’ll get to hear a couple of our tracks at their site. Pretty awesome news. Check them out at Here’s a quote of their’s in regards to our music:  I am very happy to listen to your excellent music, and it is now a part of the daily playing list at Keep on exploiting your talent, it is [...]