We are a two-man band called Subject to Thoughts from Brownsville, Texas & Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. I (Mark) started this project in 1999, with the intention to create original thought-provoking music.

I completed my first cassette demo entitled “Outlook” on 2001, but with no vocals. On May 2003, I completed my second cassette demo entitled “The Thought Process,” and vocals were introduced for the first time. On August 2005, I completed my third full length demo entitled “From Emptiness to Beyond.” This was the first time I had recorded onto CD format, so I considered it the first release.

Then on July 2006, my second album “To Embrace the Light.” was released. On March 2007, I decided to enlist a new vocalist into my project, and his name is Brandon Strader. He also plays the guitar solos in this new disc. On June 2007, “From Sunrise to Sunset” was released with a running time of 76 minutes. “From Sunrise to Sunset” is the third installment to my four part conceptual vision beginning from “From Emptiness to Beyond.” This CD begins where “To Embrace the Light” left off. It’s theme throughout the entire CD deals with trying to find answers in life.

Finally after 3 long years, our new CD “The Culmination” will be released. This album will conclude the concept. The theme of this album is finding closure in a struggling life.

The music can best be described as Dark Melodic Progressive Rock with a New Age mood to it. Our influences are Dream Theater, My Dying Bride, Anekdoten, Enchant, and Katatonia.

“From Sunrise to Sunset” can be purchased at Melodic Revolution, Mindawn, and Tarnius Music. The others can be purchased from me directly for $3.

I can be reached at I would to thank you all for visiting the site, and I hope you like our music.

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