Brandon Strader

Name: Brandon Strader
Age: 22
Location: Burgettstown, PA

Position: Vocals, guitar solos, sounds.

Favorite Genres: Progressive rock, prog metal, power metal, british rock, death and black metal, jazz, funk, heavy metal, folk / viking metal, comedy, doom, goth rock, techno / trance, electronic, grind, etc…
Disliked Genres: Noise.

Favorite StT Song: Love Forever, Serenity In My Eyes, Closure To The Soul

Biography: Brandon is a 21 year old college student in PA. He spends the majority of his time doing assignments on the interactive digital media major. He’s interested in digital media, of course, which includes websites, graphics, and animation, et al. His biggest passion, however — music — is something he considers to be a living, breathing thing… He’s also a hardcore gamer with an Xbox360.

Favorite albums: I have a lot of albums that I love, but a select few have really changed my perspective on music and life in general. First and foremost was Nobuo Uematsu’s work on Final Fantasy VII, which pretty much blew me away before I even knew what music was! After that, there were albums like Opeth’s Still Life, and Winterun’s self-titled debut. There are a lot of bands that have affected me over the years as well, but they mostly didn’t have such a major impact as the aforementioned bands / musicians.

Hobbies: Music, education, video gaming.

Favorite food: Whatever’s cooking

Other Projects: RainwoundIn Staid Grace

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