Mark Mendieta

Name: Mark Mendieta
Location: Brownsville, TX

Favorite Genres: Progressive Rock & Metal, Doom Metal, Power Metal, New Age & Gothic Rock/Metal
Disliked Genres: Death Metal, Rap, Country

Favorite StT Song: Silence Cries, Give and You Shall Receive, Winds of Hope, Accepting the Destiny, Reality Sets In, Staring Into the Sky, The Peaceful Serenade, Into the Horizon, Beneath the Questions, Revelation to the Answer, Remembering, Who I Am, One Day, Deepest Regret, Before the Leaves, Closure to the Soul

Biography: I have been playing music since the age of 5.  Drums were the first instrument I learned to play while I was in the school band.  When I was about 12 years old, I began writing lyrics.  Around 1997, I got my first keyboard, and that renewed my passion for music.

Finally, in 2006, I started Transcend with Time.  This is my Progressive New Age/Ambient project.  I decided to start this project because it provides me with another avenue of music to pursue.  I believe that music can definitely change lives, it certainly has for me. Check it out at myspace orsoundclick. Go to tarnius music to purchase my discs or downloads.

Favorite albums: Dream Theater: Images & Words (changed my life), Enchant: Blueprint of the World (excellent), My Dying Bride: Like Gods of the Sun (so beautiful, yet so bleak), Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime (masterpiece), Superior: Behind, Symphony X: V (grandiose), Vanden Plas: The God Thing & Type O Negative: October Rust

Hobbies: Watching sports; especially football & basketball.

Favorite food: Hamburgers, and I detest seafood (I’m allergic to shrimp).

Other Projects: Transcend With Time

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