From Emptiness to Beyond

Mark MendietaTitle: From Emptiness to Beyond
Released: August 2005


1. Trails of the Untold
2. The Sense of Discontent
3. Feelings of Sorrow
4. The Secret Within the Secrets
5. Drowning In
6. Reasoning
7. Transition
8. Web of Illusions
9. The Essence of Perception
10. Silence Cries
11. Words of Meaning
12. With Time, Life Changes
13. Give and You Shall Receive

The songs ‘Silence Cries’ and ‘Drowning In’ are available for download by clicking on the title. From Emptiness To Beyond has recently been remastered. These mp3s are a result of this remastering process. ‘Silence Cries’ is Mark Mendieta’s favorite StT song.

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